The Son Who Died

                                    Thomas Hoole Dabbs
1902 – 1911
Fifth child of Eugene Whitefield Dabbs and Maude McBride Dabbs

Eugene Whitefield Dabbs wrote many of the family obituaries.  If he chose to put pen to paper, one would be honored by the poetic manner in which he memorialized those whom he loved in written words.  Thomas, their fifith child, died at nine years of age.  This was after the death of Maude, his mother and Dabbs' marriage to Sudie Furman.  This following tribute to his  son is but one example of his poignant eulogy.

Salem Black River,  Dec. 15, 1911 – Yesterday by the side of his mother in Brick Church Cemetery all that was mortal of little Thomas Hoole Dabbs aged 9 ½  years, was laid to rest.  Next to the youngest of six children that were born to Eugene Whitefield and Maude McBride Dabbs, he is the first to begin the family reunion in the heavenly home with the beautiful mother who went to her glorious reward just three years ago this month.  Of frail body but beautiful face and mind, the little fellow, by his winsome manners and unselfish thoughtfulness, won the love and affections of all who knew him.  In the family circle his helpfulness, his quaint remarks, were beyond his years, his sunny disposition, his gentle graceful touch and voice, all bespoke him the little Christian gentleman.

Thomas Hoole with his brothers and sisters and his Aunt Alice.
Thomas is the middle-size boy standing.  His older brother, James, is resting his hand on his shoulder.