Picture of Children and Grandchildren of EW Dabbs & Maude

Four of the children and most of the grandchildren of Eugene Whitefield and Maude McBride Dabbs are in this photo.  At this printing, only four are currently living. 

Bottom Row:  L_R Unknown soldier, Carolyn Dabbs, Thomas M. Dabbs, James M. Dabbs, Jr. (petting dog) Martha Dabbs, Guy McBride Dabbs, Jr.,

Second row, L_R:  Sophie Dabbs, Maude Dabbs, Stella Dabbs, Joseph Dabbs John Dabbs (behind Joe) Elizabeth Dabbs Thompson and Walter Thompson.

Top Row, L-R; Edith Dabbs holding Dorothy Dabbs, James McBride Dabbs, Guy McBride Dabbs, Wrenna Dabbs, Louise Dabbs

Not present:  Eugene W. Dabbs, Jr., and Furman Dabbs had both recently died.  E.W. Dabbs, III and  Wm. A Dabbs were in the  military.  Richard W. Dabbs was not yet born.